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Russia, 2020.



    The city of Bronnitsy lies on the way from Moscow to Kolomna and Ryazan. The city is crossed by Staroryazanskoe Highway (Sovetskaya Street) and Novoryazanskoe Highway.

    The city is located 52 km southeast of Moscow and 13 km from Bronnitsy railway station, at the intersection of the federal highway M5 "Ural" and the Moscow Small Ring. However, tourists' visits to Bronnitsy are most often of a transit nature, since there is "nothing to do" in the city. Many then go to neighboring cities with more developed infrastructure. The development of the historical and recreational zone on Lake Belsky will contribute to the influx of new visitors to Bronnitsy, including transit travelers from the Novoryazansky and Staroryazansky highways, as well as residents of neighboring cities. Tourists will have a reason to stay longer in Bronnitsy and come back here again.

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